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Mediation Provides Both Parties in Divorce More Control of the Outcome

Many courts in Georgia, including Cobb County and Cherokee County courts, require divorcing spouses to first use mediation to resolve as many divorce issues as possible. At The Law Offices of Abbott & Abbott P.C. in Marietta and Canton, Georgia, we provide aggressive representation and negotiation in divorce mediation.
As experienced as our law firm is with Georgia family law, we can never tell you with certainty what a judge will decide in a divorce case. Mediation offers an opportunity for you and your spouse to make your own decisions about your divorce and your future without the risk of a third party making that decision for you!
  • In a mediation session, you will not be alone. Your divorce attorney will be there with you to make sure your rights are protected and that you have a skilled advocate for your goals and objectives. The mediation will include a trained mediator, you and your lawyer, your spouse and your spouse’s lawyer.
  • In mediation, the goal is to resolve all matters related to the divorce. The mediator will go back and forth between the two parties to make sure both parties have an opportunity to state their cases in good faith and without attempting to lay fault or blame.
  • The goal of mediation is to reach a win-win agreement both parties can agree to — agreements on child custody, visitation and parenting time, property division, debt division, alimony and any other areas of concern. If you and your spouse cannot agree, these issues will be decided by a judge.

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Contact us for an appointment to discuss divorce mediation. Call our office in Marietta (678-905-8781) or Canton (678-792-4908), Georgia, for a consultation. We accept all major credit cards.

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