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7 Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce

There are certain actions that you can take if you are involved in a divorce that can help protect your rights and further your opportunities for best possible outcomes in each of your divorce agreements.

Here are 7 mistakes we can help you avoid during divorce:

  1. Gather important paperwork and safeguard it, if you suspect a pending divorce. If you have been served with divorce papers, do this as quickly as possible. This paperwork may include financial records, tax returns, pay slips, day care records and receipts, credit card bills, bank statements, investment records and insurance information.
  2. Get a court order to protect assets in a pending divorce. It will prevent your spouse from disposing of those assets. Carefully watch bank, brokerage and investment accounts.
  3. Make a list of all assets and keep track of marital assets and separate assets that were brought into the marriage or acquired outside of the marriage.
  4. Consider proper valuation of these assets, including what these assets may be worth in the future, such as stocks, business assets, real property and other investments.
  5. Ensure that all debts are divided fairly in divorce. Creditors are not bound to the court agreement, and you may still be responsible for your ex-spouse’s debts if this is not done correctly.
  6. Consider the impact that a divorce will have on taxes, including the amount and liability of those taxes.
  7. Do not post anything to social media under any circumstances, and avoid damaging text messages, emails and voice mails as much as you can.
    • Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any other platform (even Snapchat) can be detrimental to your divorce case for a variety of reasons.
    • When in doubt, do not post, text or leave messages! All will leave a digital trail that you cannot erase.

At The Law Offices of Abbott & Abbott, P.C., our attorneys have over 30 years of combined experience in Georgia divorce courts. We know the judges, opposing lawyers and judicial systems in Cherokee, Cobb and Fulton counties, and they know our reputation for comprehensive and aggressive representation. We will help you consider these and other important issues in your divorce, while approaching divorce matters from an objective and non-emotional state.

Do not rush into decisions with emotion. Think carefully about what the results of these decisions will be, not only on you and not only in the short term. The long-term impact on your finances and your children could be significant if you go ahead with uninformed decisions or an inexperienced lawyer.

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