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Domestication of Existing Orders

Domestication of Existing Orders Addresses Relocation After Divorce

After a divorce has been finalized, it is not uncommon for at least one of the spouses to relocate to another state. The orders that were established during the divorce proceeding remain under the jurisdiction of the state where it was filed. When one or both of the spouses have moved away, it can make enforcing the order much more difficult.If you have been divorced and need to take action on an order that was established in another state, it is possible to have the order moved to the state where you live, provided that certain criteria are met. The process for getting an out-of-state order enforced in Georgia can be relatively straightforward with the guidance of an experienced family law attorney.


Skillful Representation For The Domestication Of Out-Of-State Divorce Orders

At The Law Offices of Abbott & Abbott P.C., we represent clients in all types of cases requiring the domestication of foreign orders. We will be there with you through the entire process, from the completion of the initial application and the filing of the petition to any enforcement, contempt or other legal action that needs to be taken with regard to the order.

We can help you with the domestication of all types of out-of-state divorce orders, including:

  • Final judgment and decree of divorce
  • Visitation and custody orders
  • Child custody modification
  • Child support orders
  • Child support modification
  • Alimony orders
  • Modification of alimony

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